medical quacksHomeopathy from the Greek meaning “like+ disease” is nothing more than the carney’s attempt to get one through the door to buy homeopathic medicine. The theory behind homeopathy, an alternative to pharmaceutical medicine, is pure rubbish.main_homeopathy Since when does curing an illness work by giving a patient more of the same allergen or pathogen, for that matter, in an extremely dilute mixture, so dilute it fails to elicit the human immune response, by oral route? Some homeopathic medicine is laced with arsenic and alcohol; other homeopathic medication, for instance, an alternative to vaccines is loaded with infectious pus; just a great way to infect one’s child with the very disease one is trying to prevent.attenuated vaccine A true vaccine is a dead virus, parts of a virus, or an attenuated live virus. An attenuated live virus weakened many times in the lab by growing a strain that does not reproduce very well, when exposed to the human body elicits the immune response, which is stronger than the pathogen developing more antibodies killing the pathogen, which in turn develops a strong resistance to it.


medical red-haired-woman-and-gray-haired-man-in-chemistry-lab-with-beakers-and-test-tubesScientists have gathered once again to debunk the practice of homeopathy and homeopathic remedies as a great service to the numbers of Booboisie. Not only have scientists decried homeopathy’s lack of scientific evidence as to its efficacy, but most alternative medicine as well.medical dr-quack Certain sects of the   medical community should be chastened for embracing more dubious alternative medical practices. Certain sects in the nursing community should be chastised for practicing aromatherapy, touch therapy, visual imaging etc. as a viable alternative to sound nursing practice. To legitimatize alternative medicine by an MD as a viable method for treating illness is most lamentable with the exceptions ofacupuncture chart acupuncture, which has been shown empirically by the Chinese doctors to be of legitimate use in place of chemical anesthetics. In addition, herbal remedies while analogous to many synthetic pharmaceutical remedies lack the rigid standards by which the pharmaceutical industry is held accountable to.


corruptionOne nasty little secret about collusion of the sugar industry, health organizations, and the NIH during the sixties seventies has become known. Showing once again the dangers of listening too well to special interest groups as well as the temptation from suggestions of under the table payoffs, which the public may never know about in this instance. Not to mention bad policies, disservice it does to the public interest, and diversion of public and private funds. According to Healthline.com, bad policy set back good oral hygiene policy 40 years.


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