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“THE FAT BASTARD GAZETTE” more Coca-Cola shenanigans VOL. 1 NO. 25

Well, so much for separation of church and state fellow travelers. The article, “Coke as a sensible snack? Coca-Cola works with dietitians who suggest cola as snack,” begs the question of another example of blatant collusion, denial, obfuscation. So transparent is this collusion between the food and beverage industry and the health sector that it becomes more laughable than lamentable. Once a particular company, in this case dr. smokingCoca Cola, hires a group of individuals, in this case nutritionists or dietitians, they no longer remain independent agents and become representatives or consultants. Is this not obvious, even to the most casual observer? This reminds one of the tobacco industry using doctors in the thirties and forties as representatives for cigarettes touting their mildness and the healthful benefits of cigarette smoking.

Portion control is another variation on an old theme. The standard size for a bottle of Coca-Cola in 1950 was eight ounces. To suggest that Coca-Cola is as Vendo-81-Coke-tn1healthful as a pack of almonds, is utterly preposterous. Sugar is sugar is sugar, nothing more than empty calories. In addition, Coca-Cola can make more money on the smaller size than the larger size.

The article then goes on to discuss the meaning of “sponsored content.” The phrase speaks for itself, supported information. In this case since Coca-Cola is sponsoring the article using its “consultants” whether paid or not, and we will put money on the fact they are being paid, the article becomes nothing more than a drawn out commercial filled to the brim with biased information. There is nothing “opaque” about this at all. It is a blatant case of a magician’s sleight of hand. However, lamentable The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics will not come out and state that ethics are violated equating the equivalency of nutrition founded in Coca-Cola and almonds.

The dietician involved with this article denies that sugar causes obesity, what a poor excuse of an denialeducated woman. She is denying scientific, medical fact selling out to the highest bidder. Then there is the case of another delusional female dietician rationalizing the importance of colluding with the food and beverage industry, again involving Coca-Cola. She cannot even remember if Coca-Cola paid her for expert consultation. How naïve do, they think we fellow travelers are.




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